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Projects led by Andrzej are always well-structurized and organized with key roles properly defined. He’s a detail-oriented PM with wide scope of goal he’s obliged to achieve. Simultaneously he keeps the proper balance between tough methodology and common sense. Both aspects are always is a key factors of the final success of the projects he does.

Andrzej Gajewski ico
Marcin Lehmann
Head Of Analysis and Control, Alior Bank S.A.

I worked with Andrzej on many projects in the areas of after-sales service and back office. Together we carried Customer Portal or changes in accounting. Andrzej has a strong business attitude. The main thing for him is the realization of business objectives currently looking for the best solutions and the fastest possible implementation. Andrzej is able to unite a team and focus its work on the set goals. Great deal with problems and conflicts. I would recommend Andrzej as one of the best project managers I’ve worked with.

Andrzej Gajewski ico
Marcin Czajkowski
Business Owner,

I had a true pleasure to work with Andrzej as a Project Manager. It was big project connected with monitoring and collection process.
Andrzej is a final result oriented professional and very committed to any subject.
Way to manage the project by Andrzej is worth of admirable, he is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time.
Andrzej is a dedicated, ambitious and result driven person.

Andrzej Gajewski ico
Dorota Głogowska
Experienced Manager, Financial Industry

Andrzej is a walking encyclopedia and knowledge compendium about project management and PM news (Agile). I cooperated with him during implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Andrzej had deserved particularl recognition from Project Steering Comitee for monitoring budget, schedule and providing valuable information throughEarned Value analysis. Always honest and helpful it’s a pleasure to work with Andrzej.

Andrzej Gajewski ico
Michał Krupa
Strategic Projects Area, Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A.